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Welcome to Our Family Under Paramount Care Centers

A New Chapter Begins

We're excited to welcome everyone to a fresh chapter at Belle Care Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, now proudly managed by Paramount Care Centers. Our commitment is to treat every resident and staff member as part of our family, ensuring a journey filled with compassion and excellence.

Activities That Bring Us Together

Valentine’s Day Celebration with Sweet Treats

Our staff prepared delicious strawberry shortcake muffins this Valentine's Day, filling the day with love, joy, and the sweet taste of community spirit. These moments were a testament to the love that flows within the walls of Riverfront.


During Black History Month, our residents participated in an engaging true or false questions event, sparking conversation and enriching our knowledge.

Resident Happy Hour

A highlight of our social calendar, the Resident Happy Hour featured alcohol-free options like Chardonnay and Merlot, fostering moments of joy and connection among residents.

Therapy and Rehabilitation Success Stories

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Congratulations to Michael W. for completing his rehabilitation journey with us and returning home. His dedication and hard work are truly inspiring to us all.

A round of applause for Nila L., who made significant strides back to her prior level of function. Her journey is a shining example of determination and resilience.

Community and Staff Appreciation

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We started our "I am ❤️ Valued Program" this month, celebrating our staff's dedication with cakes, coffee, and branded Riverfront swag. It’s our way of saying thank you to the team that makes everything possible.

A warm welcome to Gabe, our new Activity Director, whose passion and creativity are already significantly impacting our community’s vibrancy.

Special Celebrations & Outreach

Heartfelt Gestures to Virtua Lourdes

In a beautiful display of community spirit, we shared flowers and custom Riverfront thermoses with Virtua Lourdes, strengthening the bonds of our extended community.

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Join Our Family

At Riverfront Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, every day is an opportunity to show care, celebrate achievements, and strengthen our community bonds. Under the guidance of Paramount Care Centers, we're dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and cherished.

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Stay connected for more updates, stories, and information about our events and programs.

Together, we create a family.

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