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Celebrating a Month Full of Joy and Togetherness At Belle Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

May at Belle Care has been a vibrant and eventful month, filled with activities and gatherings that have brought joy and togetherness among our residents and staff. Our team worked diligently to create an array of engaging events that entertained and strengthened the sense of community within our home.

Activities That Brought Us Together


We celebrated Picnic Day with a wonderful outdoor picnic for our residents. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air, delicious food, and great company.

Casino Nigh

Our residents and staff had a fantastic time during Casino Night. It was an evening filled with laughter, games, and excitement.

Therapy and Rehabilitation Success Stories

One of our residents, who was completely dependent after a hip surgery, has now improved significantly. With therapy, they can now walk with minimal assistance.

A resident with both legs amputated below the knee received prosthetics and can now walk with a walker and supervision. They have made great strides in their daily activities, including dressing, bathing, and moving around.


At Belle Care, we believe in fostering a strong and supportive community. We are committed to providing excellent care and creating a warm, welcoming environment for all our residents.

Stay connected for more updates, stories, and information about our events and programs.

Together, we create a family.

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